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Backyard Rotisserie BBQ Smoker

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 Key Benefits
4 - 2'  Rotating Trays
Side Table
Side Work Table
Steam Injected
On Off Switch for Power 110 volt
 110 volt Dayton Motor 1.4 amp

Barbecue on The Best BBQ Smokers Backyard Rotisseries Cookers Made

 Our rotisserie smokers provide a smoking chamber with excellent smoke pattern flow and even, consistent heat. The trays rotate through the cooking chamber at one rotation per minute. The thermometer is placed for easy reading. The unit is fabricated from twelve to fourteen gauge metal, 9 gauge-expanded metal is used for trays, work tables and oven grates. The firebox grate is 6 gauge-expandable metal. There are two hot air chambers in the firebox. A baffle placed in the smoking chamber directs heat evenly around all four sides and catches the meat drippings, which flow into a drainpipe. A 110-volt gear motor equipped with a brake powers the rotisserie. There is an oven and water jacket just above the firebox. The oven is excellent for cooking potatoes and corn, the top can be used as a warming surface. The water jacket creates steam dispersed into the cooking chamber to keep you meat moist throughout.

 The Backyard has a smoking chamber 34”x22”x30” and contains four trays. The trays are 10”x20" for a total tray surface of 800 square inches. Each tray will hold one15 pound turkey, or a packer trim brisket. Additional cooking racks can be purchased to essentially double your smoking surface to 1,484 square inches. The firebox is 12”x16”x18”. The firebox holds split wood up to 16” in length. The weight of the unit is 425 pounds.

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